Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Antakshari Time!

Source: passionforcinema.com
Antakshari is a popular parlour game in India, and is a great way to kill time especially during long train/ car/ bus journeys. Nowadays, it has slowly made its way into the Indian Wedding Sangeet ceremony, as well.

Although Antakshari is usually played with Bollywood songs, playing it with the names of Hollywood actors will give this game an interesting twist. (Sometimes, during boring lectures in school, we played it with movie names) 

The rule is to write a Hollywood actor's name that begins with the alphabet with which the previous name ended. The added dimension to this game is: two consecutive actors on the list should be costars in a movie.  For example, if the previously listed name is Sandra Bullock, then you can write Keanu Reeves (costars in Speed); the next name can then be Shia LaBeouf (costars in Constantine). 

The game is kicked off with the consonant ‘M,’ with the spirited recitation of the antakshari theme song that ends in that consonant.

So, let the game begin!

Baithe, baithe, kya karein? Karna hai kuch kaam,
Shuru karo antakshari, leke prabhu ka naam!

(What should we do as we sit around? We must do something,
Come, let's begin antakshari, by first taking the name of the Lord!)

I will start with an actor's name with ‘M’ and you can continue thereafter, as explained above.

Remember, write the name along with the movie in which the two consecutively listed actors were costars. 

M- Meg Ryan



  1. N- Nicholas Cage (City of Angels)

  2. Ok "Anonymous" thanks for screwing the rest of us over! lol I couldn't find an actor/actress who started with an "E" for cryin' out loud, let alone one who was with Nick Cage. Gonna hafta pass! I don't have time to peruse imdb! lol :)
    Good luck!!

  3. E- Eva Mendes (Ghost Rider)